Rug Information
Size 200×300



How it’s made: Hand-Knotted – In a technique that has been handed down from generation to generation, yarn is wrapped and then knotted around each warp thread. Each yarn is then hand-cut and hand-tamped to form tightly constructed knotted carpet rugs. This time and attention to detail by expert craftsmen results in a beautiful rug with a lasting value and presence.

Type of Design: Contemporary

Material used: 100% Wool

Material Description: Wool is a natural, renewable and biodegradable fiber. Sheep are sheered once a year – usually in the spring after their coat has grown very long but is no longer needed. Sheep, many times, live at high altitudes in harsh climates. Their wool is their protection and grows thick and strong; yet soft, elastic & resilient. Wool contains the natural protectant, lanolin, its defense mechanism, against moisture and the elements. This makes for a carpet that is naturally, stain resistant and cleanable. It is hard for spills to penetrate wool – so blotting it up quickly with a damp towel will be shockingly helpful. Regular vacuuming keeps the luster at its peak. It is also fire resistant, static resistant and acts as an air filter to provide healthy air for your home. What more could you ask for?Although wool can be a bit more expensive than the alternatives of synthetic fibers, its strength and durability are to be recognized and appreciated. The pile of a wool rug is usually very sturdy and insulating. Depending on the construction – wool rugs have been known to last many centuries. It is not a fiber that changes dramatically over time – it maintains its natural, amazing attributes year after year. It is used to create all types and styles of rugs, ranging from ultra-contemporary to traditional to seaside cottage. In the rug world – wool is the staple fiber.

Country of Origin: Turkey ( One of the most Famous Rug Weaving Center )